The CBT Triangle

Our Cognitive Triangle

Sometimes we get stuck in our own thoughts and it is not a good thing because we might have negative thought patterns. Did you know that our thoughts, feelings and reactions are all connected? So what we think affects how we feel and act. What we do affects how we think and feel. How we feel affects what we think and do. By recognizing a negative thought and reframing that thought you can also change the feeling or lessen the feeling which then could change your reaction.  Lets look at the steps for how to reframe your negative thoughts:

    1. Identify a common negative message you often say to yourself. 
      For example: “I am a failure.”
    2. Ask yourself if there’s a purpose for this thought or message continuing. Is it trying to help protect you in some way?
    3. What is the evidence against your thought?
      For example: “Actually I have a couple of hobbies I am really good at or I remember that one project I did really well.”
    4. What would my wise self or spiritual say about this?
      For example: “I am a capable smart person who is doing my best.”
    5. What’s a more helpful thought I can tell myself and believe right now? 
      For Example:  I always do my best and although sometimes I may fail, I also have great successes.”
    6. Once you have a more helpful thought that you can believe, write it down somewhere, or store it on your phone, and remind yourself of it often. Make it a habit to notice the old thought and correct yourself with the new thought as much as you can.

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