What Happens in Counseling Stays in Counseling

Man and woman engaged in therapy session. Man is talking, woman therapist is listening attentively

So you have made the choice to begin counseling and have found a counselor! Congratulations on taking the first step towards hope, healing, and a healthier life.  You may be wondering what happens in a counseling session and have anxious feelings going into the first appointment. So let’s talk about these things to help you…

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Grief: Will Therapy Help? 

Tears flow as a woman grieves a loss. Learn how to cope

Grief is an extremely personal process. For some, grief is primarily experienced in emotions such as sadness, regret, guilt and worry about the future. For others, grief is experienced physically and could include such things as loss of appetite, fatigue, heaviness in the chest, headaches, and numbness. Grief can also be experienced as an obsession…

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Couples Counseling. Does it even work?

Couple arguing, upset and disconnected. Couples counseling can help

You are sitting at the kitchen counter and just flew off the handle at your spouse for the millionth time. Tears run down your face, your head in your hands, thinking to yourself, “what are we even doing anymore?” The conflict has continued to escalate for months or even years, slowing pulling you away from…

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