Couples Counseling. Does it even work?

Couple arguing, upset and disconnected. Couples counseling can help

You are sitting at the kitchen counter and just flew off the handle at your spouse for the millionth time. Tears run down your face, your head in your hands, thinking to yourself, “what are we even doing anymore?” The conflict has continued to escalate for months or even years, slowing pulling you away from…

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Marriage, Individual, or Trauma. How to Find a Therapist?

Woman on phone, talking about relationship issues

Whether it is marriage therapy, individual or trauma therapy, your first decision is –  which therapist? So, you’ve taken the brave step to seek therapy and before you can schedule that first appointment, you need to decide on a therapist to work with. Do you pick someone based on the types of therapy that he or she provides? Do you pick someone that you…

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Marital Conflict

Couple Mad with Each Other

Conflict is a normal part of marriage, I think we would all agree.  The problem with conflict is when nothing gets resolved and a low level of anger is constantly present in the relationship. So let’s start with what NOT to do. There are many different models for this but here is an easy one that I…

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