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White marble desk overlooking a balcony with a single sheet of paper displaying a question mark and a pair of glasses resting beside it. Symbolizes contemplation, decision-making, or seeking answers in family relationships.

Are You a Close Family or Enmeshed?

We all want close families - a family that enjoys being together, being active together and a place we can go to for support.  But...
Man and woman engaged in therapy session. Man is talking, woman therapist is listening attentively

What Happens in Counseling Stays in Counseling

So you have made the choice to begin counseling and have found a counselor! Congratulations on taking the first step towards hope, healing, and a...
Tears flow as a woman grieves a loss. Learn how to cope

Grief: Will Therapy Help? 

Grief is an extremely personal process. For some, grief is primarily experienced in emotions such as sadness, regret, guilt and worry about the future. For...
Couple arguing, upset and disconnected. Couples counseling can help

Couples Counseling. Does it even work?

You are sitting at the kitchen counter and just flew off the handle at your spouse for the millionth time. Tears run down your face,...
Woman on phone, talking about relationship issues

Marriage, Individual, or Trauma. How to Find a Therapist?

Whether it is marriage therapy, individual or trauma therapy, your first decision is -  which therapist?So, you've taken the brave step to seek therapy and before you can schedule...
Couple Mad with Each Other

Marital Conflict

Conflict is a normal part of marriage, I think we would all agree.  The problem with conflict is when nothing gets resolved and a low...

Parenting is Hard…Let’s not make it harder

We have all been there - Your newborn crying into the wee hours of the night - Your toddler screaming because he can't have the package...
Relationship with your teen

When Your Teen Comes Out

Your teen just told you he/she is gay. As a parent you may feel surprised, grateful they trusted you to tell you or you may...
therapy boundaries

What Are Boundaries?

It is likely that you are already familiar with boundaries in your life, although, you may refer to them as something else. Rules, laws, rituals,...
Summer Swimming

Baby It’s Hot Outside

“If June was this hot, what will it be like in July and August?” “I mean, I like it hot, but not this hot.” “It’s...
Mother Talking With Unhappy Teenage Daughter

Talking to Your Kids About Sex

Talking to our kids about sex can feel uncomfortable. That is why it is good to start early with age-appropriate facts about sex that evolve...

Intimacy Troubles in Your Relationship

Many couples go through a period of time where they find that they are less than satisfied with their intimacy in their relationship. They used...

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