What Happens in Counseling Stays in Counseling

Man and woman engaged in therapy session. Man is talking, woman therapist is listening attentively

So you have made the choice to begin counseling and have found a counselor! Congratulations on taking the first step towards hope, healing, and a healthier life.  You may be wondering what happens in a counseling session and have anxious feelings going into the first appointment. So let’s talk about these things to help you feel more confident going into this next journey of your life. 

Here are some things to expect in counseling: 

  1. Your first session is going to be called the intake appointment. This is where you meet the counselor and provide background information for them. The counselor will guide the questions so you don’t have to come fully prepared with what you will say.  This is also a chance for you to get to know the counselor and see if you think they will be a good fit for you. You should also be establishing goals for counseling and how you are going to work together to get to those goals. 
  2. Each counselor practices differently but the more open and honest you can be with the counselor the better they will be able to help you. 
  3. Each counselor is held to standards of confidentiality and therefore for most situations, what is discussed in the counselors office stays in the counselors office. This includes maintaining confidentiality in public and with social media (i.e they will not be your friend on social media outlets or approach you in public). 
  4. Counselors are used to crying and any emotion that you have while in the office. So try to allow yourself to experience whatever emotions come up for you during the session. 
  5. Be prepared to also make changes in your life outside of the counseling office. The application of what is  discussed inside the counseling office makes the biggest difference when it’s applied in your everyday life. 
  6. Counseling doesn’t always feel good and can be hard to go through but that is because you are exploring and working through hard things. It can be a little uncomfortable but getting uncomfortable is how you can make changes. 
  7. Counselors DO NOT have magic fairy dust to make everything better instantly. This is important to remember that your journey to healing, hope, healthier patterns etc is an actual journey and therapy is not a magic quick fix. 
  8. The counselor’s office should be a space you feel that is safe to be yourself and discuss anything you need to in your life. 

Feeling a little anxious your first appointment is normal.  But it will get better after that and especially as you begin to reap the benefits of counseling.

If you are ready to make a first appointment, call us at 936-524-7523 or go to www.thecenterforhopeandhealing.net.  It’s the first step to changing your life.