Baby It’s Hot Outside

Summer Swimming

“If June was this hot, what will it be like in July and August?” “I mean, I like it hot, but not this hot.” “It’s so hot the chickens are laying hard boiled eggs!” “I’m melting!” Just about everywhere I go, I hear the collective grumbling about our early hot weather.  We joke about ice…

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Talking to Your Kids About Sex

Mother Talking With Unhappy Teenage Daughter

Talking to our kids about sex can feel uncomfortable. That is why it is good to start early with age-appropriate facts about sex that evolve over time. Talking about sex with your kid (and it will be about more than discussing actual intercourse) is important for your children to develop healthy sexual attitudes and safe…

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Social Media – Good or Bad?

I had been a member of Facebook since 2009.  The social media App was mostly used on my phone.  Over the years I thought about shutting down my account, but the App made keeping up with family and friends easy and enticing.  Yet, I found myself feeling increasingly disrupted over the past two years.  …

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Goodbye 2020… Hello 2021!

Ahh… the new year.  It is a symbol of renewal of life and the birth of new hope.  It bursts with the opportunity for inspiration and motivation to change.  We often reflect this by creating a New Year’s Resolution.   Most people are ready to bid a farewell to 2020, a difficult and stressful year.  Yet…

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When You Don’t See Eye To Eye

Some of my friends have decided to remove themselves from social media.  Most are citing negative posts and mean comments when people do not see eye to eye.  They debate the emotional cost of staying connected. “It all feels so stressful.” “I can’t believe my friend believes that!” “No one is listening.” We are living…

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The Magic of the Vagus Nerve

Anxiety is a normal part of life – there is always something to worry about, dread, fret over, or be stressed by. These days it often feels like there is more to be uneasy about, but we aren’t all anxious to the same degree. Some people seem to be able to recovery more quickly from…

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