Online Therapy and In-Person Therapy Changes with COVID-19

Finding hope in the midst of bad news, closures and social distancing can be difficult. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone.

Currently, all of us here at The Center for Hope & Healing are offering virtual appointments as well as in office appointments where we are sanitizing hourly. For a virtual appointment, just call or text us as you normally would and we will get you set up virtually for an appointment.

If you want an in-office appointment, as of now we are asking people to wait in their cars until their therapist comes outside to bring them in. Each person is given a Purell wipe for their hands. At the end of each appointment, the office is sanitized for the next person.

**One note – for moms who have kids at home, here at the Center, as best as we can, we will work to find a time that is convenient for you whether it is evening or even a Saturday.**

We will be sending out an email every Monday with information on coping, words of inspiration and videos to help kids and parents.

We are all in this together. We need to help each other and stay connected.

Together we will find hope.