Daniel Amen, M.D and founder of Amen Cinics (www.amenclinics.com) came up with an acronym, A.N.T.S – Automatic Negative Thoughts.  He had come home from work one day, found ants invading his kitchen and thought the ants reminded him of how pervasive and busy some people’snegative thoughts were.

We all have a dialogue going on in our heads, commenting on what we have done, how well it was done and what we think of ourselves.  Sometimes that dialogue is negative.

For example, do you tell yourself  “I am not good enough.”  “I am a failure.” or even “I do not deserve love.”

Take the time to be aware of these A.N.T.s. They are affecting your mood, your behavior and your relationships.

Once you are aware of what you are telling yourself, replace those thoughts with the truth. So “I am not good enough” becomes “I am good enough” because frankly that is the truth.  You are not perfect – no one is but you, with your abilities and gifts, are good enough.

“I am a failure” becomes I made a mistake and I can learn from it.  We all miss the mark at times but it doesn’t mean WE are a failure.  It just means we are human, we make mistakes and w can learn from it.

“I do not deserve love” becomes “I do deserve love”.  We all need relationships in which we are loved and cared for.  You were made to need love and there are people who will love you if you just let them in.

Naming the A.N.T.s scurrying around in our minds can help bring more peace, more joy as we then replace them with the truth.

This week, pay attention and journal the thoughts you notice about yourself.  Then take the time to replace them with the truth and practice telling yourself the truth every day.

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