Adoptive/Foster Family Counseling

Heal Your Adoptive or Foster Child's Trauma With Trust‐Based Relational Intervention Counseling

The Center for Hope & Healing, Professional Support for Adoptive and Foster Families

Adopting and fostering a child can be an enriching experience but also bring numerous challenges and pitfalls. It is imperative to understand your child's abuse history and how it has affected them.

That's why we offer Trust Based Relational Intervention (T.B.R.I.) counseling to help adoptive and foster families heal their children's wounds and attachment issues.

What is Trust-Based Relational Intervention (T.B.R.I.)?

Trust Based Relational Intervention (T.B.R.I.) is a caregiver model for traumatized children from research done at the Karen Purvis Child Institute at T.C.U. It is an evidenced-based model that combines attachment, regulation, and sensory strategies to help children with traumatic backgrounds.

Professional Support for Adoptive and Foster Families

We provide professional guidance and support to adoptive and foster families, so they can offer their children the best environment to help them heal and process their trauma. Our counselors are highly trained in T.B.R.I. and have extensive experience assisting families with their challenges.


With The Center of Hope and Healing, You'll Experience the Following

Experienced Professional Therapists

Benefit from the expertise and knowledge of our skilled therapists, who have years of experience helping individuals successfully navigate their mental health journey.

Tailored Counseling Sessions

Enjoy personalized and customized therapy sessions to address your unique needs and goals, ensuring optimal outcomes and progress in your mental health journey.

A Safe and Non-Judgmental Environment

Feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and emotions in a secure, supportive space, fostering emotional growth and self-discovery.

Proven Therapeutic Modalities

Access a wide range of evidence-based therapeutic approaches tailored to your needs and personal growth.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Trust that your personal information and therapy sessions will be kept strictly confidential in accordance with professional guidelines and legal requirements.

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Holistic Approach to Mental Health

Receive comprehensive care that addresses your emotional and psychological needs and considers the impact of social, environmental, and physical factors on your overall well-being.

Goal-Oriented and Results-Driven Therapy

Experience therapy structured around your specific goals and desired outcomes, ensuring a clear path toward improved mental health and well-being.

Enhanced Communication Skills

Develop the tools and techniques necessary to effectively communicate your thoughts, feelings, and boundaries with others, leading to improved relationships and personal satisfaction.

Ongoing Support and Guidance

Feel confident in your ability to handle life's challenges with continued access to resources, tools, and professional guidance even after completing your therapy sessions.

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